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It's more than just your voice.

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Whether you have noticed sudden voice changes or have been aware of hoarseness, vocal fatigue, loss of range, loss of loudness, or any changes related to your voice for weeks, months or years; voice evaluation and treatment can be helpful for recovery of voice quality, vocal energy, and vocal strength.

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Sherri K. Zelazny, MA RSLP CCC-SLP
Registered Speech Language Pathologist
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In-person voice evaluations including videostroboscopy are offered on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Please contact me for more information.

All voice therapy services are currently being provided by telepractice.



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“I really appreciated all the suggestions to get through the illness, and the fact that you took the time to explain the diagnostic testing-- while I've been scoped many times, I've never had anyone explain the visual diagnostic criteria of the scope with me, and it was really wonderful.”

John Robert Lindsey, Actor, Performer

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