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I take a dynamic approach to vocal health and voice care; holistic, science based, behaviour change through motor-learning. Most importantly, it is an approach that allows me to help you towards your voice goals. At a very basic level we all have the same instrument.  A container (body), a power source (lungs), a sound source (vocal folds), a resonating chamber (head and neck), but we all sound different and have different vocal needs. I consider the science and research we have on many aspects of voice, use my clinical experience, along with your personal experience to determine the best voice exercises and strategies that will allow you the quickest and best long term results. I know how important your voice is to you. I will work with you to reach your voice goals.


I value your how you feel about your voice and the changes you have experienced.  A voice disorder occurs when changes in your voice effect your daily activities, even if no one else notices. Your description of your voice changes is the definition of your voice disorder. If you notice changes in your voice, whether they be related to voice quality, vocal fatigue, loss of high notes, discomfort, you deserve attention to your voice to make it better.


I value a team approach to care.

I will always look to support you in the best way possible with appropriate interaction with other medical professionals and team members who are also supporting your journey to good health. They may include your physician, ENT specialist, other medical specialists, case manager, singing teacher, athletic coach, naturopathic professionals, etc.


I value you as the most important team member.

All decisions related to treatment are based on your concerns, voice needs, self-assessment of voice, general vocal health and safety. What do you need? What do you want?

I value educating you about the vocal instrument. Knowledge supports understanding of goals, exercises, and strategies.

It is very important for you to understand the structure and function of your instrument. What does it look like? How does it work? What are the parts called? How do you keep it clean? How do you know if it is broken? This foundation will help you understand voice exercises and their benefits.

I value what is true about vocal health and hygiene.

Vocal health myth busting is one of my favourite activities! Hot water, cold water, throat sprays, gargling, steam, dairy, coffee, etc. What helps? What just feels good? What does not do anything at all?

I value learning from my clients.

Learning from you helps me be a better clinician everyday, for you, and for the next person.

I value honesty.

I know how to say "I don't know." I also know how to say "I will do some research and get back to you on that."   I am proud to be part of an international community of voice specialists. If I cannot answer your question I will find out who can. Are there some questions that cannot be answered? Of course - but I will find that our for you too.





Photo by Bert Krasner
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