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Lee Silverman Voice Treatment

for Parkinson Disease

The Parkinson's community is very near and dear to my heart both personally and professionally. There is nothing more rewarding than helping people return to what is important in their lives through the ability to communicate.

More than 80% of people with Parkinson Disease have some difficulty with voice and communication. Symptoms can include: decreasing voice volume, hoarseness, mumbling, stuttering, etc. This can effect your ability to work, talk on the phone, spend time with friends and family, and most importantly express your wants and needs. 

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT) is the gold standard for treatment of communication impairments related to Parkinson disease. It is an intensive voice therapy program. If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson disease, you are a candidate for LSVT.

According to the Canadian Guideline for Parkinson Disease published in 2019, “Rehabilitation therapists experienced with Parkinson disease can help newly diagnosed patients, and others through all stages.” "Parkinson specific ... speech and language therapy, are indicated for people who are having difficulties with activities of daily living, but also early on, for prevention.” The importance of having the Canadian Guidelines specifically mention treatment for prevention and early on cannot go unmentioned. Early treatment for communication problems will help maintain your ability to communicate in all activities.




I have been certified in LSVT for more than 20 years. I am proud and humbled to be a board member of Parkinson Society British Columbia (PSBC) since 2012 and was instrumental in developing the province wide communication and swallow workshops. More than 20 workshops have been held around the province since 2015.

Photo by Bert Krasner
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